Graphic Design defines the way you present yourself and your business to the public. We can help you with clean, uncluttered design that draws the viewer into your print and web world, allowing easy access to your information, services and goods.

We will discuss your current branding, if any, values, goals, preferences... This knowledge of who you are, will translate into colors, shapes, styles, etc. and form the foundation we will build your new image on. We will also discuss possible marketing direction and social media needs.

We want "Win/Win" situations only. After the initial consultation, you will decide if we should proceed. Project estimating comes next. Costs vary depending on the specifics of your project. All terms are mutually agreed upon before any work begins. When I receive your signed estimate and deposit, I get to work.

The work put into creating your logo and other pieces start with the initial consultation and includes internet research, trade publications and design magazines --- all of which help articulate your identity. I then sketch, design and create digital ideas until a single image is agreed upon. The final digital piece of art is then created and your logo is then complete. Finished logos belong to you and can be used in any way you choose.


Video is a very effective way to quickly convey your message, product, or service to a larger audience.
A wealth of information can be expressed in 2-3 minutes... and then, the world can view it on YouTube, Rumble and social media platforms of your choice.
This global access gives your message the opportunity to be heard, and remembered by people around
the world.

Contact us to discuss your project. Costs are estimated per project, and all terms are spelled out in the estimate/agreement.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about a project you are thinking about producing.

To schedule your initial consultation,
please contact L. A. Smith Productions
by email:

Thank you for your interest!